**** STABBING LES ****

Top of the Popera – Coming Soon


Stabbing Les return to the stage (Northern Stage) this July with Top of the Popera

An evening of music, performance and spoken word exploring nostalgia and what it feels like to fall in love with music

Tickets are £6 (£4 cons) You can purchase yours here



Stabbing Les will be performing Top of the Popera

The story of one man’s doomed love for analogue music technologies, in four acts


The evening will also feature:

This is Tomorrow by Treva – Artist Trevor Pitt presents songs that tell the tale of alienation, sartorial glamour and teenage exile growing up on a council estate

A reading by Dr Guy Mankowski from his post-punk novel ‘How I Left the National Grid’

Music from Edwin Li

A short talk on pop music and nostalgia by Dr Adam Hansen (Northumbria University, founder of the Lit-Pop Book Club)


You can book your tickets here



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