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This is an open call for cassette-based artworks to be included in Les Cassettes; a touring library of cassette-based artworks by artists from across the country

From the playful to the unplayable, by way of the unlistenable, the archive consists of sound art, designed objects and other cassette-inspired artworks. Each item in the collection has a serial number with an updated, limited edition catalogue printed for each display of the collection

There are currently more than 25 editions in the collection with a limited number of each available for sale at affordable prices wherever the collection is displayed.  Submissions are taken on a rolling basis



Submission criteria

-      All artworks must be cassette–tape based i.e. sound recordings / designed cassettes with inlay / art objects etc.

-      A minimum of 2 copies to the cassette-based works must be submitted for the project (at least one for display & sale and one for holding in the Les Cassettes archive)

-      A description of your submission must be received and accepted before you send us any cassettes

If you have an idea that does not fit into the above criteria please contact us at stabbingles@gmail.com with your proposal



If you have an idea that does not fit into the above criteria please contact us at stabbingles@gmail.com with your proposal.


Les Cassettes is a touring exhibition initiated by Stabbing Les, a multi-disciplinary art collective and the North East’s foremost fictional band. Les Cassettes is the catalyst for a series of reflective collaborations with national and international artists.


Unfortunately at this time we are unable to cover the production costs of any artworks submitted for this project. All cassettes will be available to purchase on the day. The artists will receive proceeds from all sales minus a 30% commission to go towards the costs of touring and running the exhibitions

Please send all submission proposals to stabbingles@gmail.com




Les Cassettes 6

The first Les Cassettes took place at Newbridge Books from September 27th to 11th October.The opening event included performances from Posset and Accord-Iain to Gary, plus a radio broadcast of Les Cassettes submissions on Basic.Fm

Les Cassettes 4

Les Cassettes 2

Les Cassettes 1




From 27 October – 2 November 2014, the exhibition travelled to Cardiff and was part of ON RECORD at CARDIFF CONTEMPORARY ARTS FESTIVAL





As part of On Record’s series of events connected to the exhibition Stabbing Les performed “Top of the Popera”





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LES CASSETTES next stop was December 5 + 6th in Gateshead at the BALTIC for their Artist Book Market

Baltic Book Market

Baltic Les Merch

Baltic Book Market Stall

Baltic Listeners

LES CASSETTES will continue to tour in 2015. If you are interested in contributing a Cassette artwork or hosting the exhibition, please email Stabbing Les

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